Translation prices

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Translation service rates Translation prices shown in the table below are preliminary. The amount of work done as well as the final price is calculated based on the destination language. Therefore the total can only be calculated after the work has been completed. A standard translator's page contains 1500 characters (excluding spaces). It's approximately the same amount of information that fits on a single A4/Letter page, using Times New Roman font, size 12 and double spacing between lines. All printed symbols, including letters, numbers, punctuation marks and special characters count towards the total. The difference in total symbol count between source and destination languages occurs naturally, due to different length of words, expressions, and structure of sentences. 7-10% difference in symbol count between source and destination is considered normal, thus price fluctuations are to be expected. Discounted rates on repetitions are applied on an individual basis. Drop us a quick email with materials attached. We will calculate and provide an estimate.

Translation prices per page (1500 characters)

English to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to English starting at € 7.50
Russian to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to Russian starting at € 7.50
German to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to German starting at € 7.50
French to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to French starting at € 7.50
Polish to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to Polish starting at € 7.50
Spanish to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to Spanish starting at € 10.50
Italian to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to Italian starting at € 10.50
Latvian to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to Latvian starting at € 10.50
Estonian to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to Estonian starting at € 10.50
Czech to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to Czech starting at € 10.50
Ukrainian to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to Ukrainian starting at € 10.50
Belarusian to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to Belarusian starting at € 10.50
Norwegian to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to Norwegian starting at € 12.00
Danish to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to Danish starting at € 12.00
Swedish to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to Swedish starting at € 12.00
Slovak to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to Slovak starting at € 16.00
Portuguese to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to Portuguese starting at € 16.00
Romanian to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to Romanian starting at € 16.00
Serbian to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to Serbian starting at € 16.00
Arab to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to Arab starting at € 16.00
Mandarin to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to Mandarin starting at € 16.00
Japanese to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to Japanese starting at € 16.00
Hebrew to Lithuanian, Lithuanian to Hebrew starting at € 16.00

Other languages: € 9.00-35.00

Other services
- Certified translation: € 1.50
- Notarized translation: € 3.00 (add € 1.00 if ordering a notarized copy, also add € 1.00 per each additional page of a notarized copy);
- Editing and/or proofreading: 50% of translation rate, depends on the quality of the source material.
- Document formatting: basic formatting and layout, as well as transfer of tables and graphics are included in the translation price (no extra charges). If you require professional graphic design services or translation material is stored in Photoshop, Illustrator, CorellDraw, AutoCAD or similar file formats please contact us for a quote.
- Shipping: starting at € 2.00;
- Extra copies:  € 0.20 /per page;  

- The prices do not include the VAT. All individuals and legal entities based in Lithuania are subject to the VAT (21%). All individuals and legal entities based in the EU who are not VAT registered are also subject to the VAT. All individuals and legal entities residing outside the territory of the EU, asl well as VAT registered entities within the EU (except Lithuania) are exempt from the VAT (i.e. 0% tax).

Courier Service

Is your time too precious to be wasted on traffic jams? Or, perhaps, there is a state-wide lock down due to yet another coronavirus? Maybe you have more urgent matters than driving through the city to deliver a piece of paper? All you need to do is put the documents into an envelope and leave the rest to us! We will gladly arrange a pickup service. A courier will transport your documents to us. Once done, we will send the translations back to you in the same way. The courier service is priced at € 3.00 +VAT!

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