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The head office of MP Translation Agency is located in Zaliakalnis district, right in the heart of Kaunas. It's easy to find and easy to reach by public transportation. Look for the Nautillus Night Club, Silas supermarket, or Doda burger place on Savanoriu street. If you are traveling by bus, get off on Aukstaiciu Str. stop. If traveling by car, get on Savanoriu street (the main street in Kaunas) and turn once you reach Zanavyku street.

We are located in the corner building on the intersection of Zanavyku and Kalpoko streets. It's a bit confusing, as the address is Kalpoko 1, while the entrance to the building is on Zanavyku street. Yet the building is clearly visible and you will see a big "MP business center" sign above the main door. Press our intercom button at the door and we will buzz you in. You will find our office on the 1st floor.

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The building itself was erected in 1957, a factory with floor space of over 3000 sqm, and a cold-war bomb shelter underneath. Renovated in 2000, it's now a multi-functional space with modern city lofts and a business center.

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MP Translation Agency has been cooperating with univesities in Kaunas for over 10 years to support professional development of young translation specialists. We offer internships for philology students from the Vytautas Magnus University, technical translation students from Kaunas University of Technology and translation students from Kaunas University of Applied Sciences. Here at MP Translation Agency we believe that any responsible business must play a part in bringing up young professionals. An internship being the first step in ones career can play a crucial role in professional and personal life. Therefore businesses should provide for a successful, interesting and exciting experience. It should not consist of running errands or executing random tasks that have nothing to do with the field of study. Students who have internships at MP Translation Agency always have their work checked, analyzed and corrected by a professional translator. Constructive feedback and encouragement is always provided to students and to their educational institutions as well. Translation internship at MP is no plain sailing so be ready to put your skills to the real world test if you apply.


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Address: P. Kalpoko str. 1-28
LT-44146, Kaunas
Phone: +370-37-328814
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